The MESSERSCHMITT KR 201 "Sport", the Roadster ...

Yes, he is back! He has all the genes of his world-famous ancestors:
Better than his legendary model of the KR-201 ... He guarantees pure driving pleasure!
An unprecedented aerodynamic design reminiscent of an airplane ... How should it be otherwise ...?!
This historically charged future-oriented vehicle offers mobility without compromising on driving pleasure.

Know what makes us different...

The finished car will be classified as a new vehicle and will comply with building and building regulations. Once approved, it will be issued in the UK with a registration number and a V5. A re-registration or approval in DE can be done with this document. It is not classified as a KitCar or a modified vehicle, it is a brand new vehicle! The KR 201 Sport hardly differs from the original, but all the fun costs only a fraction of the price of an original today. Please note that the KR 200 sports version has never been fitted with a roof. However, we can offer an easily replaceable dome roof or a convertible top separately!

MESSERSCHMITT-Kabinenroller connects pilots with driving, brings them the feeling of flying!
  • A already in the 50s thousand times proven design
  • Easy to use
  • Low operating costs
  • Stable, low center gravity
  • Full suspension and adjustable chassis
  • Versatile, since 2-seater! Equally suited for the private or for commercial use
  • Environmentally friendly 4 stroke EFI motor.
  • Very large storage behind the driver's seat , the side shelves and in the glove compartment allow even longer drive distances
  • "Full" 24 month Warranty
  • Convenient service: If you have problems: Response within 24 hours
Rahmen/Chassis: Extremely torsion-resistant steel chassis, modeled on the original.

Motor: 1 Zyl. 125ccm 4T EFI-fuel injection motor.

Tank: 6 Liter.
Range max: + 100km* - 60 mph*.

Fahrersitz: Seat upholstered with 3-point safety belt. Seat position in length and height for pilots from 150cm to 195cm adjustable.

Rearbench: 1-part upholstered with lap belt.
Suspension: 3 adjustable oil pressure / spring damper.

Tires: 400 X 8.

Rims: Aloy/Steel.

Steering: Like original.

Body: GRP. No door, Perspex-Flyscreen.

Mirros: Left and right in Chrome.

Brakes: Hydraulic 200mm discs on all wheels.

Parking brake: Handbrake mechanic on drum.

Frontlight: Dipped beam and high beam function.

Rearlight: Indicator, drive and brake function.

Dimensions: L282cm X B122cm X H90cm

Turningcircle: 8,9m

Topspeed: 115km/h* - 65mph*

Weight: Ca. 220kg (empty).

Max. Zuladung: 200kg 2 adults and 1 child / Baggage.

(* The maximum speed and range depends on the weight and the road conditions.)
KR 201 "Sport"
€ 10.950,00*
* All prices shown without VAT, ex Málaga / SPAIN.

Our new MESSERSCHMITT KR 201 "Sport"!

MESSERSCHMITT-Kabinenroller connects pilots with driving, brings them the feeling of flying!

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