...Production Start...

Unfortunately, our production start for the big E-KR has been postponed until further notice.
There is now a KR "Sport" Version with a 125cc 4T engine available...!
However, we will keep you up to date at this point.

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Know what makes us different...

The KR E-800 is the new edition of the legendary MESSERSCHMITT Kabinenroller from the 50s. In KR E-800 we now have a powerful electric drive system. The motor is able to monitor the braking energy of the vehicle and, at the same time the current thereby obtained to regenerate the energy back to the battery. We using the best GRP and CFK materials in manufacturing our MESSERSCHMITT`s and so it is very lightweight The very powerfull 8000 watt brushless permanent magnet DC motor delivers increased torque, up to 90km/h recording the L5e rules in Europe. The price is significantly lower than that of our competitors .... without compromising on design and quality. Despite its compact size to drive, thanks to the dynamic suspension technology, it runs like on rails . Only two handles and the hardtop of the KR E-800 can easily take off and you have an full open roadster!

MESSERSCHMITT-Kabinenroller connects pilots with driving, brings them the feeling of flying!
  • A already in the 50s thousand times proven design
  • Easy to use
  • Low operating costs
  • Stable, low center gravity
  • Full air-suspension and adjustable chassis
  • Versatile, since 2-seater! Equally suited for the private or for commercial use
  • Environmentally friendly 90km/h E-drive.
  • Very large storage behind the driver's seat , the side shelves and in the glove compartment allow even longer drive distances
  • "Full" 24 month Warranty
  • Convenient service: If you have problems: Response within 24 hours
Frame/Chassis: Extremely torsion resistant hyprid steel GRP/CFK composite monocoque.

Motor: 8Kw permanent magnet motor.

Battery System: LiFeP04, 96 Volt.
Range max: 90 - 200km*. Charging time 3-6hr.

Pilot seat: Full vinyl seat, sitting position in length full adjustable for drivers from 150cm to 195cm.

Suspension: 3 gas spring damper units.

Tires: HEIDENAU 140/60-13.

Rims: Front 6 spoke HD-Aluminium, rear aluminium (motor integrated).

Steering: Front wheel steering with straight-line stability and more stable cornering.

Removable steering wheel: F1-style.

Body: Hardtop and all GRP body parts removable in a few minutes.

Mirror: Chrome-mirror.

Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes on all wheels.

Parking brake: Mechanic parking brake.

Headlight: Elipsoid-LED.

Rearlight: Indicator and brake light LED.

Dimensions: L285cm X B120cm X H110cm

Turning circle: 8,5m

Topspeed: 90km/h* on L5e Version.

Weight: Approximately 180kg (incl.battery, ready to drive).

Maximum load: 450kg pilot & co-pilot or pilot & luggage.

(* Max speed and range depends on total weight and area conditions.)
KR E-800R
€ 00.000,00*
KR E-800L&C
€ 00.000,00*
* At the moment we can not give any information about the price.
KR200 Body kit, includes:
Front nose € 560,00, Cockpit door € 360,00, Motor lid € 550,00, 2 Front wings € 320,00, Dashboard € 90,00, Front base plate € 45,00, Rear wheel cover € 40,00.
Total € 1.965,00*
TIGER Body kit, includes:
Front nose € 590,00, Cockpit door € 360,00, Motor lid € 590,00, Motorlit hatch € 35,00, 2 Front wings € 390,00, 2 Rear wings € 330,00, Dashboard € 90,00, Front base plate € 45,00, Rear wheel cover € 40,00, Front spoiler € 165,00.
Total € 2.635,00*
KR200 SUPER Body kit, includes:
Front nose € 560,00, Race cockpit door € 690,00, Motor lid € 550,00, 2 Aero-Front wings € 590,00, Dashboard € 90,00, Front base plate € 45,00, Rear wheel cover € 45,00, Airintake € 25,00, Front spoiler € 60,00, Windshield Perspex € 340,00.
Total € 2.650,00*

All parts are also available individually!

* All prices shown without VAT, ex Málaga / SPAIN

Our new upcoming MESSERSCHMITT Kabinenroller + The TIGER!

Do you want one?
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MESSERSCHMITT-Kabinenroller connects pilots with driving, brings them the feeling of flying!

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